Health Science II Students Participated in a Clinical Surgery Simulation

Mrs. April Voyles’ Health Science II students participated in a clinical surgery simulation at Baptist Memorial Hospital-Union County. The surgical equipment and room were set up for a laparoscopic appendectomy. The students wore surgical masks and Mrs. Diana Aldridge and Jennifer Rogers surgical techs at Baptist memorial Hospital, demonstrated a surgical scrub. The students then had an opportunity to “scrub in” for surgery. Mrs. Debbie Roberts the head nurse in surgery at Baptist Memorial Hospital greeted them. She assisted the students in donning surgical gowns and explained the importance of infection control in the operating room. The surgical techs at Baptist Memorial Hospital demonstrated how to apply sterile gloves and then helped students correctly put on sterile gloves. Students were then showed how to operate surgical equipment and tools. The students had a chance for some hands-on experience with surgical equipment and supplies. Demetria Shumpert, a health science student said, “It was an amazing experience.”