We know that choosing the right school is a very important decision. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us using the information to the right. Below are guidelines and regulations required for attending New Albany Schools.

The New Albany School District complies with state law and State Board of Education policy on residency requirements. Students residing in the New Albany School District must provide two acceptable proofs of residency before enrolling. Students residing outside the New Albany School District must meet the requirements for out-of-district enrollment and document approval from the site administrator prior to registration and attendance.

The New Albany School District requires all students enrolling in kindergarten or first grade to present a certified birth certificate and valid immunization certificate. The district will enroll five (5) year old children in kindergarten and six (6) year old children in the first grade program if the child reaches the designated age on or before September 1 of said school year. Students enrolling for the first time should report with their parent or guardian to the school office for enrollment information. Proof of residency is required prior to enrollment.

IMMUNIZATIONS, BIRTH CERTIFICATE, SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER Mississippi State law requires all students to be immunized prior to enrolling in school in Mississippi. The local Health Department or your child’s physician may provide the proper certificate to be placed in your child’s record. NO CHILD CAN ATTEND WITHOUT PROOF OF IMMUNIZATION. If you need to obtain a certified birth certificate, forms are available in the school office. The school must have a copy of a child’s CERTIFIED BIRTH CERTIFICATE from the STATE DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH, BUREAU OF VITAL STATISTICS. Your child’s Social Security Number is necessary for school attendance reports to the Mississippi State Department of Education.

Students from schools or programs (including correspondence, tutorial, or home study) that are not accredited by a state or regional agency must undergo standardized achievement tests and/or teacher-made special tests to determine; (1) the grade level to which the elementary transfer student should be assigned or (2) the number and validity of the Carnegie units the secondary transfer student has earned.

All students residing outside the New Albany School District who wish to attend the New Albany Schools are required to pay tuition. Tuition for out-of-district students is $500.00 per year for the first child in a family $250.00 for each additional child. Tuition must be paid in total prior to a student enrolling in the New Albany School District.

To register a student who lives outside the district, a parent should report to the principal’s office to gain permission to enroll. Admission screening for out-of-district students will include an analysis of grades, behavior, and absenteeism. The student must have and maintain an academic average of “C”, make satisfactory progress toward promotion or graduation, and maintain scores at or about grade level on standardized tests in order to transfer to the district. The school principal and/or a designee will review the merits of each student’s application prior to acceptance as a tuition student.

Once admitted, grades, behavior, and absenteeism will be monitored. Should a student become involved in a flagrant or serious discipline issue or become repeatedly involved in less serious discipline issues, he/she will lose the privilege of attending the New Albany Schools as a tuition student. Additionally, should a student exhibit excessive absenteeism, have grades that fall below a “C” average, fail to satisfactorily progress toward promotion or graduation, or score below grade level on standardized test scores, he/she will lose the privilege of attending school in the New Albany School District.

After approval for admission by the principal, the parent should go to the Central Office to pay the out-of-district tuition and receive a receipt. The pink receipt slip is then brought back to the school office and the admission process is continued. Please review our refund policy on this page.

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