Health Services

Tammy Reeder, BSN, RN, NCSN
Tammy Reeder, BSN, RN, NCSNElementary School
Amber Clemmer, RN
Amber Clemmer, RNElementary School
Carly Davis, BSN, RN
Carly Davis, BSN, RNElementary School
Anne Erby, RN
Anne Erby, RNMiddle School
Jill Robbins, RN
Jill Robbins, RNHigh School / CTE

Our school nurses provide care for the students and staff of New Albany Schools by

  • providing health services that increase school attendance
  • working to prevent and control the spread of communicable disease  
  • administering first aid and specialized services such as medications and other needed procedures prescribed by the health care provider 
  • maintaining verification of immunizations in compliance with state laws
  • screening and making referrals for vision problems and other health related issues
  • providing health professional input and direction for school policies and programs  
  • maintaining student health records
  • educating students and staff in managing their own health and wellness
Includes NA Elementary School, NA Middle School, & NA High School

Contact a nurse

Elementary School
Tammie Reeder, BSN, RN, NCSN
Amber Clemmer, RN
Carly Davis, BSN, RN (Part time)
(662) 534-1840

Middle School
Anne Erby, RN
(662) 534-1820

High School 
Jill Robbins, RN
(662) 534-1805

Jill Robbins, RN
(662) 534-1810


All students are required to have immunizations as required by Mississippi state law. Students must provide an up-to-date Mississippi Immunization Form 121 or Form 122 to be kept with their school records. If your child does not have the proper up-to-date Form or immunizations, please contact the local Health Department or your child’s health care provider. According to the Mississippi State Department of Health, each student must have one (or both for Medical and Religious Exemptions) of the following forms on file: a Certificate of Immunization Compliance Form 121 or a Certificate of Medical/Religious Exemption Form 122, accompanied by a Form 121 signed by the State Epidemiologist or Deputy State Epidemiologist. This requirement must be met before a student can be officially enrolled in school.

Administering Medicine

To ensure safe and consistent treatment of children who must have prescription or non-prescription over-the-counter medication during school hours for daily administration or for emergency intervention for a diagnosis such as asthma or severe allergic reaction, the following procedure must be followed: 

  1. Parent must sign a Permission to Give Medication form before any medication can be given.
  2. Physician must complete and sign an Authorization for Prescription or Non-Prescription Over-the-Counter Medication form and parent must return this form to the school. 
  3. Prescription medication brought to school must be in the child’s own current prescription bottle labeled by the pharmacist with the following information: Student’s name, name of medicine, method of administration, times of administration, prescription number, name of pharmacy, and date filled. If necessary, have the pharmacist make two bottles, one for home and one for school. Non-prescription over-the-counter medication must be brought in a clearly labeled unopened container.
  5. All medications are stored in a safe and secure place inside the school nurse’s office.
  6. Please contact the school nurse for any questions.