Each principal in collaboration with the school nurse has established a planned written program for handling emergencies resulting from an accident or sudden sickness of students. The program of first aid for emergencies provides directions for administering immediate care; notifying parent, guardian, or custodian; summoning emergency personnel; transporting a student; and directing the parent, where necessary, to possible sources of treatment. The program of first aid incorporates the following requirements:

The school nurse or a staff member may administer first aid.

In all cases where the nature of an illness or an injury appears in any way serious, every effort shall be made to contact the parent and/or emergency service (911) immediately.

The school is responsible for each student until he/she is released to an appropriate person.

In extreme emergencies, the principal with the school nurse may make arrangements for immediate hospitalization of injured or ill students while contacting the parent or guardian.

At the time an accident occurs, the responsible staff member shall write a report providing details about the accident and submit it to the principal.
Accidents to students shall be reported as soon possible to the Central Office.

Principals and the school nurse maintain a supply of first aid supplies. School nurses, or a designee, is responsible for administering medication with the written instruction and permission from the parent or guardian.

School Nurse Duties

  • Provides first aid care and medically prescribed services
  • Recommends corrective action where problems are identified.
  • Serves as a resource person on health issues.
  • Develops policies, procedures and work standards for school
  • Monitors compliance of school health program with federal, state and local laws, regulations and policies.
  • Maintains student health records

Contact a nurse

Elementary School
Tammie Reeder, RN, BSN
Mary Beth Hardy, RN
(662) 534-1840

Middle School
Anne Christ, RN
(662) 534-1820

High School
Jill Robbins, RN
(662) 534-1805

Vocational Center
Jill Robbins, RN
(662) 534-1810