Special Services

Gifted Services

The New Albany School District serves students in all facets of giftedness. Intellectually gifted services are offered grades 2-8. Artistically and Creatively gifted services are offered in grades 7-12, and Academically gifted classes are offered in grades 9-12. A process has been developed for the referral and evaluation of students for these programs. A referral can be made by a teacher, administrator, parent or student. Referrals can be made to the Office of Special Services at 662-534-1800.

Special Education Services
The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act provides a legal basis for the administration of special education. Federal, state and local policies have been developed to create a referral to placement process that reflects the intent of this law. The New Albany School District is committed to identifying and providing services to any student who meets the eligibility requirements of this law. It is our goal to serve these students to the greatest extent possible in the regular education setting. However, we provide a continuum of services in a variety of settings to meet the individual needs of our students in the least restrictive environment.

The New Albany School District participates in an on-going child find effort. If you are aware of any student in the New Albany School District requiring special education services, please contact Kristen Richey at the Office of Special Services at 662-534-1800.

504 Services

Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 provides a legal basis for evaluation and services to students with various disabling conditions. A referral for services process has been developed and is implemented locally for students who meet specific criteria. Please contact the Office of Special Services at 662-534-1800 to make a referral.

Kristen Richey
Director of Special Education
504 Coordinator
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The Mississippi Department of Education requires school districts to notify parents annually of the Educational Scholarship Account.  This was created in 2015 to defray the cost of private school tuition or other specific allowable expenses to educate their child. Click here for more information.

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