At New Albany Schools, getting the best in education is always priority one. Along with that mission is the desire to further equip our students to excel AFTER the classroom. Our workforce ready technologies take students to never before available advantages for entering the workforce with skills and knowledge to give them a competitive advantage.

Please take a moment to get an overview of just how far New Albany Schools has come to drive our students into a thriving future. If you like what you see, take time to dig even further by visiting the website for each category below. We think you’ll be inspired and excited about the future Bulldogs of New Albany Schools!

CTE New Albany

At the New Albany High School center for Career & Technical Education, workforce readiness is at the heart of what we do – for over 50 years! Dive into skill based education at it’s finest with the staff at the CTE.

CTE New Albany
Imagine Lab - New Albany MS

Imagine the possibilities when technologies like computer programming, sublimation, 3D printing, laser etching and more are introduced to bright young minds at the Middle School level. It all starts at the IMAGINE Lab!

Taking students to another level by entering another world is the unique benefit of our VR education options. With the latest in VR technology, new methods are being offered and expanded for our students.

Welcome to SkillPath Lab 2030, where students get a hands-on with STEM like no other classroom around! With modules tailored to suit most any student with a mind for science and tech, each student can find a direction that benefits them as much as it interests them.

Connecting students with local industry is making a big . . . IMPACT through our IMPACTO program. With alliances with Toyota and other large industries to smaller local innovators, we’re making a difference for tomorrow’s workers.