Leading Forward:  Listening & Learning Tour

 Gregg Wieczorek, President of the National Association of Secondary School Principals (NASSP) visited New Albany School District on Tuesday, September 28 as part of the “Leading Forward: Listening and Learning Tour”

Wieczorek will be touring the southern region of the United States from September 27-30. The tour will include stops in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina.

During the tour, Wieczorek will visit schools and meet with school and community leaders across the region to showcase and celebrate the innovation, hard work and success that has occurred in our schools despite the challenges during the past two years.

The tour includes a two-hour visit where school districts are asked to showcase innovative solutions, highlight achievements and to discuss issues facing school leaders.

During Wieczorek’s stop in the New Albany School District, school officials showcased innovative programs and labs that align with the goals and core values of the district’s strategic plan.

One goal of the district’s strategic plan is to “prepare all students to be college and career ready” and school administrators discussed with Wieczorek the IMPACTO Internship program, dual enrollment opportunities, and Career & Technical Education.

“We were honored to have Mr. Wieczorek on our campuses this week and happy to showcase our Imagine Lab at New Albany Middle School and the SkillPath 2030 Lab at New Albany High School,” said Dr. Lance Evans, Superintendent.  “The labs tie directly back to one of our core values, Evolving Technological Competence.”