The Cast and Crew of Mary Poppins from New Albany High School continues to enjoy success well after the final bows were taken in mid February.
In April, the cast and crew learned of the 15 nominations Mary Poppins had received for the Orpheum’s High School Musical Theatre Awards.  These nominations included:
Outstanding Large Ensemble
Outstanding Dance Execution
Outstanding Playbill
Outstanding Front of House
Outstanding Hair and Makeup
Outstanding Lighting
Outstanding Technical Achievement
Bravo Award
Inspiring Teacher Award
Outstanding Music Director
Outstanding Lead Actress
Outstanding Direction by a Teacher
On May 23, members of the cast took the stage at the Orpheum for one last performance for the school year.  The production and cast exited the Orpheum Stage winning five nominations: Outstanding Large Ensemble, Outstanding Dance Execution, The Bravo Award-Canaan Tyer, Outstanding Music Direction-Phillip Nanney, and OUTSTANDING OVERALL PRODUCTION. Congratulations to our Theatre Department.