The Dean Provence Endowment for Excellence in Education Board has announced the allocation of funds totaling more than $13,000 to teachers in the New Albany School District (NASD). In an effort to maximize the effectiveness of the awards, this year grants were directed to New Albany Elementary School and the New Albany School of Career & Technical Education.  Endowment funding will be used for equipment and materials in the classroom that are not typically covered by the school budget.

The Endowment for Excellence in Education was begun in 1986 as the vision of School Board member Dean Provence. Provence, a New Albany native, was an active volunteer in both school and community activities. Through his volunteer efforts, he recognized the need for additional funding in the schools for projects and classroom materials, and was instrumental in establishing the endowment fund. Following his death, the locally supported endowment fund was renamed in memory of Provence and has continued to provide needed funding to classrooms in the New Albany Schools for more than thirty years. Since 1986, the Endowment has provided approximately $415,000 in support to the NASD.

The endowment is funded through individual and corporate contributions and fundraising events sponsored by the Endowment Board. Contributions to the Dean Provence Endowment for Excellence in Education are accepted throughout the year and may be mailed to New Albany Schools, Attention: Melanie Anderson, 1112 Wesson Tate Drive, New Albany, MS 38652.

Project – Applicant – School – Amount Awarded

Coding for All – Robin Willis – NAES – $1,088.73

Flexible Seating – Nina Beth Capaning – NAES – $373.91

Woodworking Tools/Kits – Glen Reeder – NAES – $1,299.50

Career Costumes – Balinda Denton – NAES – $674.50

Science Experiments/Activities – Terri Cloyde – NAES – $977.59

Dyslexia Program – Beth Matlock – NAES – $883.53

Science Experiments – Christy Littlejohn -NAES – $757.84

Kitchen Equipment – Anita Alef – CTE – $700.00

Robot/Conveyor – Latrina Walker – CTE – $2,497.44

Flexible Seating – Kimberly Langley – CTE – $979.84

Automobile Tools/Carts – Jonathan Garrison – CTE – $3,080.08

Cordless Drills – Rick Robbins – CTE – $298.00

Pictured above are CTE grant recipients l-r:  Eli Whiteside (Endowment Representative), Rick Robbins, Kimberly Langley, Latrina Walker, Anita Alef, Jonathan Garrison.

Pictured above are NAES grant recipients front row l-r:  Beth Matlock, Balinda Denton, Terri Clyde; back row l-r:  Lance Lucovich (Endowment Representative), Glen Reeder, Ninabeth Capaning.  Not pictured:  Robin Willis and Christy Littlejohn.