We are glad to offer parents and our community the opportunity to subscribe to our calendars via your smart phone for your convenience. If you would like to subscribe to a particular calendar, please click the appropriate link on your phone below to add it to your calendar. Instructions can be found below if you are not familiar with adding/subscribing with your phone.

Choose your calendar below

Right click and copy link on computer. On phone click and hold a link to copy it.

School Related Calendars

Special Events
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School Testing
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Board Meetings
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School Holidays
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Course Related Calendars

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Chorus / Choir
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Instructions for adding and subscribing to calendars

NOTE: If you click a link above on iPhone, you will only download existing entries. To fully subscribe and receive any changes to calendar automatically, follow these instructions below.

SUBSCRIBING to existing events (preferred)
There are a few steps to adding our calendars to your phones calendar subscriptions, but we allow this for your convenience. With this method, all current and future entries and changes to our calendars will be reflected on your phone’s calendar. You can remove the subscriptions at any point in your phone’s settings.

iPhone Instructions

  • Above, on this page, click and hold the appropriate iCal link you want to subscribe to, then click “copy”
  • Return to your home screen on phone and click your settings icon (gears icon)
  • Click “Passwords & Accounts”
  • Click “Add Account” under your ACCOUNTS section (bottom of that list)
  • Click “Other” at the bottom of that list
  • Under Calendars section, click “Add Subscribed Calendar”
  • Click in the “example.com/cal.ics” portion and select “paste”. You should then see the long link you copied from above.
  • On the next screen, Change description if needed. Disregard username/password and remove alarms if you like.
  • Click “Save” at the upper right and your calendar should reflect on your main calendar app.
  • To remove subscribed calendar, visit the “Passwords & Accounts” section again in the settings app to remove the appropriate subscribed calendar.

Google Cal Instructions (for Android Phones)

  • Copy address of appropriate calendar above.
  • Click the down-arrow next to Other calendars in Google Calendar.
  • Select Add by URL from the menu.
  • Enter/paste the address in the field provided.
  • Click Add calendar. The calendar will appear in the Other calendars section of the calendar list to the left. (may take up to 8 hours to show/sync)

Google Cal Instructions (for Desktop browser)

  • Copy address of appropriate calendar above.
  • Login to www.google.com/calendar
  • Under the “Other Calendars” menu on the left, select the arrow icon and choose “Add by URL”
  • Paste the address of the calendar you copied in step 1 and you’re all set.

Adding existing events (one time copy to calendar)
If you don’t want to subscribe for future updates to a calendar, simply click the appropriate link for your phone above and your device should display a screen with a summary of events. From there, you can save to your phone (iPhone only). NOTE: This method will only add existing dates to your phone calendar and will not automatically add or change future additions or schedule changes – subscribing is recommended (above)