Students in Advanced Placement U.S. Government participate in a face-to-face instructional session on Wednesday, January 22.

New Albany High School (NAHS) is exploring ways to add more Advanced Placement offerings for high school students.

NAHS has long provided multiple opportunities for dual credit and dual enrollment classes where students can receive college credit for courses such as English Composition, College Algebra, Sociology, Biology, Chemistry, iOS iPhone App Development, and several more.

“Several administrators attended a conference this past summer and realized that we needed to add advanced placement classes to students who wished for additional challenges,” said John Ferrell, NAHS Principal.  “In many cases students who wish to attend selective colleges and universities need advanced placement courses more than they need dual credit opportunities.”

This semester ten students are enrolled in a distance learning class through Oxford High School and are taking Advanced Placement U.S. Government. New Albany School District entered into an agreement with Oxford High School to offer one advanced placement course as a pilot course this semester.

“Our school district reached out to Oxford High School because of their success with advanced placement courses,” said Dr. Lance Evans, Superintendent.  “They offer more than a dozen AP courses and their success rate on the AP test is remarkable.”

“Mr. Ferrell and I met with Mr. Bradley Roberson from the Oxford School District and we are so appreciative they are willing to allow our students to participate in their vast array of AP classes. Our current course is fully online leveraging both our district’s innovative technologies,” said Robert Garrett, Director of Technology & Innovation for New Albany Schools.

Students in Advanced Placement U.S. Government approach this class mostly through online assignments and video-based learning but the instructor does meet with the students face-to-face regularly to answer questions, review for tests, and deliver classroom instruction.

Kristen Richey is a parent whose son is enrolled in the class.  She explains that she is happy for this opportunity which provides challenging course work and helps enhance his transcript and resume.

“Advanced Placement U.S. Government has helped to deepen my appreciation for history while challenging me in a new way,” said Hayes Richey, who is one of the students enrolled in the course.

This semester NAHS is offering this one course on a pilot basis but hopes to have five or more offerings during the 2020-2021 school year and to provide training for some of the teachers currently on staff.