From time to time, we will be spotlighting New Albany Alumni who are making a difference and excelling at their particular work path . . .

dalvinDalvin Carr

What year did you graduate high school?

What is (are) the name(s) of the vocational class(es) you completed?
Early Child Hood Education I & II
Business Management

Where did you attend college?
Schools and Certifications

*Air Assault School
*Warrior Leader Course
*Combat Life Saver
*Conduct After Capture
*AN/PC 117G Radio Operator
*FBCB2/Blue Force Tracker
*German Proficiency Badge
*Advance Situational Awareness

*Expert Weapon Qualifications
-M4 Rifle
-M9 Pistol
-320 Grenade Launcher
-2010 Sniper Rifle
-110 Sniper Rifle
-Karl Gustav Rocket Launcher
-Anti Tank Missle
– Claymores

Please describe how the vocational class(es) you took helped you.
Although the vocational class gave me an insight on what I wanted my career to be, the teachers are the reason I am who I am today. They molded me into the adult I am today, allowing me to see things for more than what they are. It was not until 3-4 months before graduation that I decided to join the military. Being in the military has allowed me to grow. The constant interaction with others, from superiors to subordinates has made me a more self-aware individual all around. Seeing the impact I can have on people, took me back to those high school days. I believe that I can influence children to aspire to be more, and do anything they want and desire no matter where they come from. I feel that the military has taught me leadership skills, resiliency, and patience to deal with others regardless of their background. Taking Early Childhood Education benefited me the most out of all my classes throughout high school because it showed me how one can influence many. When the military is over for me I will proceed to go back to school and get a degree in Early Childhood Education and Elementary Education.

Please give a brief description of your career.
I am currently in the United States Army stationed at Fort Carson, Colorado where I hold the rank of Sergeant and serve as a Team leader in a Light Infantry Company; responsible for the welfare, fitness, morale and discipline of a four man Team; responsible for the individual training and maintenance of their equipment; primary instructor and advisor in the matters of tactical employment during offensive and defensive operations. Previously stationed in Vilseck, Germany for three years where I deployed to Afghanistan for six months. Currently in the process of getting ready for deployment to Kosovo for a total of nine months.

What degree(s) and/or achievements do you hold?
*Army Commendation Medal x1
*Army Achievement Medal x3
*Army Good Conduct Medal x1
*National Defense Service Medal x1
*Afghanistan Campaign Medal x1
*Nato Ribbon x1
*Army Service Ribbon x 1
*Over Seas Ribbon x2
*Noncommisioned Officer Professional Development Ribbon x1
*Global War on Terrisiomn Medal x1

In what city do you currently reside?
Colorado Springs, Colorado