From time to time, we will be spotlighting New Albany Alumni who are making a difference and excelling at their particular work path . . .

annahinesAnna Hines

What year did you graduate high school?

What is (are) the name(s) of the vocational class(es) you completed?
Business Personal Finance, Accounting, and Micro Computer Applications

Where did you attend college?
Itawamba Community College and Mississippi State University

Please describe how the vocational class(es) you took helped you.
The skills and knowledge I learned from my classes set me ahead not only in my business classes during college, but at work everyday. As a teenager, I did not recognize the value of skills like letter formatting or public speaking. I use my acquired word processing skills daily, the efficiency level they allow me is invaluable. I did not just learn head knowledge from the classes that I completed, but life skills.

Please give a brief description of your career.
I am a licensed property and casualty insurance professional.

What degree(s) do you hold?
Bachelors of Business Administration, Associate of Arts with a Business Concentration

In what city do you currently reside?
New Albany, MS