West Side Story will hit the stage at New Albany High School in the winter of 2020!  Production dates are February 7-9.

The production was announced to the student body on Friday, September 13.  “There were so many exciting opportunities surrounding this particular production for this year that we just could not let pass by,” explained Mary Beth Muncie, Director of the School Musical.

The new, revised school edition of West Side Story was just recently made available for contractual purposes.  The release of this edition coincided with a special time in the history of NAHS musicals.

“To the best of our knowledge, the broadway production of West Side Story has only been on our high school stage one time and that was in 1990,” said Muncie.

The school edition of West Side Story will be presented in loving memory of Linda Atkeison who invested so much of her time to providing excellent productions for our school district and who was loved as both an English teacher and musical director.

On the 30th Anniversary of W.P. Daniel’s production of West Side Story, NAHS wishes to honor those who were a part of the 1990 production.  If you were a member of the 1990 cast, crew, or production staff and would like to participate in a time of honoring this special event, please contact Melanie Shannon, Public Relations Coordinator for New Albany Schools, at mshannon@nasd.ms .

“What an exciting time for us to give back to former educators who gave so much time and effort to make the school musicals what they are today and to welcome back to our auditorium this special group of alumni,” said Dr. Lance Evans, Superintendent.

“We appreciate Mrs. Muncie working to find creative ways to honor those who have carried on the tradition of excellence that we are so proud of at New Albany High School,” added Principal John Ferrell