Art students at New Albany Middle School were introduced to the Procreate app this semester. The Procreate app for the iPad allows students to sketch, paint, illustrate, and animate.

To culminate the digital art study, a school design competition was held.  All art students were tasked with creating a design for the school that embodied school spirit.  Students created a canvas design that had to include school name, school colors, and school athletics.  More than 100 students submitted a design for the first round of the competition.

Each class voted on the top five designs from their class period to be entered in the school competition.  From the forty designs in the school competition, judges selected the top five designs.  The top five designs were printed on canvases and will be displayed at New Albany Middle School.  The top three winners were presented with Apple Pencils as their prize.

Pictured l-r:  Angelina Nguyen, Avery Watson, Layla Whitehorn, Ashley Vazquez, Alexia Gullick, and Teri Watson, Art Teacher.