New Albany Elementary School (NAES) recently held a Pre-K Academy for students who are registered for kindergarten at NAES for the upcoming 2018-2019 school year.

The academy was held for four hours each day for twelve days during July at the elementary school.  The purpose of the academy was to prepare them for kindergarten this fall.

NAES kindergarten teachers Tammie Dodds, Lisa Topper, Jordan Murry, and Julia Harrington planned for and conducted the academy.  Kindergarten assistants Creshenda Robertson, Katie Vetovitz, Leslie Williams, and Anna Hood assisted these teachers with the activities.

During the academy, teachers worked on helping students understand classroom procedures and routines, school and classroom rules, and to become familiar with the layout of the school.

Students got a glimpse of what a portion of their school day schedule will be like including meals in the cafeteria, recess on the playground, and instructional time in the classroom.

In addition, teachers worked with the students to learn names, numbers, and birthdays, as well as how to use school supplies and technology properly.

“Our hope is that the Pre-K Academy has helped ease the transition for these young students and their parents,” said Lance Evans, Superintendent of New Albany Schools.  “We hope we have provided them a jump start so that they are comfortable and ready to learn the first week of school.”

The Pre-K Academy was made possible by grant funding through the 21stCentury Community Learning Centers Grant Program and the Toyota Wellspring Education Fund.  “We hope to increase the number of students who participate in the academy next summer,” Lecia Stubblefield, Director of Professional and Support Services shared.   “Our goal is to assure that every kindergarten student is prepared and on track for a successful kindergarten year.”