The following students have been selected as Outstanding Career & Technical Education students for the 1st 9 Weeks at the New Albany School of Career & Technical Education.
Shonna Hamblin, Early Childhood II
Juan Luna, Health Science II; John Stacks, Business, Marketing & Finance; Samuel Rossetti, Engineering II; Amiya Terry, Culinary Arts II; Alexis Moody, Contemporary Health; Isabella Jeter, Digital Media II; Ashlyn Brown, Drafting II; and Vertavious Knowles, Automotive II.  Not pictured:  Joel McMillen, Construction II.
Hayes Daniel, Construction I; Isabelle Robbins, Ag Plants I; Sylvia Chen, Health Science I; Lauren Davis, Early Childhood I; Jay Patel, Family Dynamics; Justin Chatagnier, Concepts of Drafting; and Luke Henry, Digital Media I.
George Murff, Concepts of Drafting; Gabby Shackleford, Culinary Arts I; and Ben Tirado, Automotive I.
Mackenzie Kizer, Early Childhood I; Sophie Chen, Drafting I; Jake Moore, Business, Marketing & Finance I; Joshua Germany, Engineering I; Will Thomas, Concepts of Agriscience; Jackson Pounders, Automotive I; and Andrew Payne, Construction I.
Olando Gates, STEM; Lucy King, Child Development, and Ashanti Fox, Work Based Learning