Officials in the  New Albany School District have been researching the idea and cost associated with equipping buses with WiFi for several months.  Earlier in the semester, district officials purchased the equipment and began to make plans to pilot WiFI on two buses to determine its effectiveness.

During the planning process, the intention was to place WiFi on the longest bus route and on a bus that transports students to extra-curricular activities such as athletic events, band and chorus events, and field trips.

“Our goal is to insure our students have adequate WiFi to complete assignments. We felt this was another way that we could help prepare all of our students for success,” said Lecia Stubblefield, Director of Professional Services. “The completion of installation was timed perfectly to allow us to provide needed services during this time of school closures.”

“With #NAVirtualSchool, we realize that some of our students are struggling with reliable internet,” explained Robert Garrett, Director of Technology & Innovation.  “People can park near the buses and receive a good Internet connection without leaving their vehicle.”

Bus #12 is parked in the south parking at New Albany High School and Bus #18 is located in the parking lot at New Albany Elementary School.  The WiFi password is bulldogs. School officials are regularly checking buses and the equipment to insure the WiFi is still working properly.

School officials will analyze the data to determine if there is a need to equip additional buses in the future but the immediate plan is to buy the technology to equip three more buses.