Energy Savings Presentation

Representatives with Schneider Electric made a special presentation the monthly school board meeting on June 5, 2023.  The presentation included recognition for New Albany School District’s success with an energy savings project.

New Albany School District has achieved over $1 million in energy savings since it began its partnership with Schneider Electric in 2012.

New Albany School District partnered with Schneider Electric because of its proven expertise working to design, develop and implement a comprehensive and impactful program that would set the District up for long-term success.

The savings are being generated through a variety of measures that improve energy efficiency and enhance the learning environment, including:

  • District-wide building automation system to allow scheduling and control from one central location
  • District-wide lighting retrofit to enhance the learning environment
  • District-wide PC Power Management to reduce energy consumption
  • Boiler replacements with 13 new rooftop units at the high school and 4 at the middle school
  • HVAC upgrades to help solve comfort issues
  • Window tinting at the administration building for increased staff comfort
  • Freezer and cooler monitors and alarms