Dr. Lance Evans, MaxxSouth Representative, Robert Garrett

Pictured l-r: Dr. Lance Evans, Superintendent of Schools; Veneshia Gillespie, MaxxSouth Broadband; Robert Garrett, Director of Technology & Innovation

New Albany School District (NASD), in partnership with MaxxSouth, has recently completed an Internet connectivity project that will assist an area of our community that has been greatly underserved in connectivity.

House Bill 1788 funding was utilized by NASD to implement the project.  The purpose of HB 1788 is to provide Internet connectivity for students during the Covid-19 pandemic.

“Prior to this project, students who lived in the added territory portion of our school district had no option for Internet,” said Robert Garrett, Director of Technology & Innovation.  “This technology project will impact our community in a positive way for many years to come and be sustainable.”

Garrett explained that water and electricity are necessities and the Coronavirus pandemic has proven that Internet access is now the third utility that is no longer a want, but a need. “We are so happy to have worked with MaxxSouth to bring high speed Internet to these rural areas which are chronically underserved,” stated Garrett.

The area served through this project is the Keownville area in the New Albany School District.  This area is often referred to as the added territory of the school district lines.  Approximately fourteen miles of fiber was laid on poles to assist in serving approximately 200 homes.

Portions of the following county roads and state highways gained access for Internet services:  County Road 126, County Road 141, County Road 144, County Road 143, County Road 230, State Highway 30 East, County Road 244, County Road 150, County Road 146, and County Road 177.

Of the 200 homes that now have the option to purchase Internet services, approximately 30-35% of the homes have a student(s) that is enrolled in the NASD. These homes that have a student from NASD will receive free Internet until May 31, 2021.  Homes that do not house a NASD student now have the option to purchase quality Internet services at a reasonable price.

As part of the House Bill 1788 project, the NASD also ran fiber to the Boys & Girls Club of New Albany.  The Club now has much better Internet connectivity at no cost to the Club.

“We are pleased that we were able to use funding from HB 1788 to run fiber to the Boys & Girls Club of New Albany,” said Dr. Lance Evans, Superintendent. “This benefits many of our students so that they are able to complete homework assignments and use online resources for educational purposes.”

“We appreciate the partnership our school district has with MaxxSouth in that they provide our district’s Internet access. We were happy to partner with them to expand Internet offerings into our community,” Evans said.