On Thursday, October 1, the New Albany School District announced the Wednesday schedule and early dismissal time which will begin on October 7.  This early dismissal schedule will continue throughout the remainder of the fall semester.   This plan helps transition to a more normal school week and allows for students to be in the school buildings for five days a week for traditional, in-person instruction.

“Our scheduling plans thus far have been successful as documented by our low number of positive cases among our staff and students,” said Dr. Lance Evans, Superintendent.  “We completely understand the need to get our students back in school to a normal school schedule.  This early dismissal schedule allows that to happen while providing continued planning time for our teachers to prepare for quality instruction for virtual students and giving time for continued deep cleaning and sanitization practices.”

Evans noted that it is in the best interest of the students academically and socially to be back at school and the district is continuing to be cautious as students return to traditional school.

Important Quick Facts to Remember:

  • Lunch will be served to students on Wednesdays prior to dismissal.
  • Afternoon bus routes will run after early dismissal time on Wednesdays.
  • All traditional students should attend Wednesday in-person school.
  • Wednesday schedules for each school building are available at https://www.newalbanyschools.us/virtual/ .
  • Masks will still be required for all students and staff in both buildings and on school buses.
  • The school district is still encouraging students to be transported by cars to avoid overcrowding on school buses.
  • Full virtual school will continue to be an option throughout the school year. If students wish to transition from traditional school to full virtual school (or vice versa) at any time throughout the school year, they should contact their school building and speak to the Virtual School Administrator in that building

District officials say the school district will reevaluate the school plans for the second semester and will communicate that plan prior to the end of the first semester.  In the event there is an increase in the number of positive cases and/or quarantined individuals, adjustments to the school schedule will be made and properly publicized.