New Albany Middle School will be transitioning to virtual learning on Monday, December 7.  Virtual learning will continue at New Albany Middle School for the remainder of the semester from December 7-December 18.

This decision comes amid a rise in the number of students and staff who are currently quarantined at New Albany Middle School.  Other schools are being carefully and consistently monitored; however, New Albany Elementary School, New Albany High School, NAHS Career & Technical Center, and NASTUC Alternative School will remain in-person, traditional school at this time.

New Albany Middle School will begin the following virtual schedule on Monday, December 7.

1st Period                                                      7:40-8:10 am                                    30 min

2nd Period                                                     8:15-8:45 am                                    30 min

Break                                                              8:50-9:05 am                                    15 min

3rd Period                                                     9:05-9:35 am                                    30 min

4th Period                                                      9:40-10:10 am                                  30 min

5th Period                                                      10:15-10:45 am                                30 min

6th Period                                                      10:50-11:20 am                                30 min

Lunch                                                             11:20 am-12:05 pm                         45 min

7th Period                                                      12:10-12:40 pm                                30 min

8th Period                                                      12:45-1:15 pm                                  30 min

Office Hours & Remediation                      1:15-3:00 pm

Other Important Information:

  • Students who wish to begin virtual tomorrow (Friday, December 4) may do so and will be counted present if they log on their classes via Zoom. However, Friday, December 4 will be a traditional schedule from 7:40 am – 3:05 pm.

NAMS Sports:

  • NAMS Basketball (in-season sport) will continue. Players should contact their coach for practice times and locations, as well as game information.
  • NAMS students who participate in soccer (in-season sport) should contact their coach for practice times and game information. NAMS students must have their own transportation to practices.
  • NAMS students who are participating in out of season sports will not practice during these two weeks.

Exams, Academic Expectations, & Paper Learning Packets

  • Semester exams will be administered virtually during the week of December 14.
  • Students who do not have reliable Internet should contact Anna Sloan at NAMS at 662-534-1820 for more information regarding paper learning packets. These students will be held to the same expectations as students participating in virtual learning.
  • All students will be held to the same academic standards as they have been this semester. Assignments, projects, and tests will be graded just as they are in traditional, in-person classes.  NAMS has the same expectations for learning during this two-weeks.

School Meals & School Transportation

  • School meals for NAMS will be served Monday-Friday from 11:00 am – 12:30 pm daily. Pick-up will be at the Pavilion by the Middle School Cafeteria. Breakfast and lunch meals will be distributed at this time.
  • Bus pick-up and drop-off times may be altered for elementary and high school students during these two weeks due the reduced number of student passengers.