New Albany Middle School (NAMS) has a new course this school year that is being offered to students in the sixth grade.  The instructor for the Video Production and Publishing class is Lee Allen Holt.

Approximately 75 sixth graders in three classes have been learning the basics of Google Docs, Google Drive, and iMovie the first few weeks of school.  One of the students’ first major assignments was to create an “All About Me” movie.  This helped students become familiar with their iPad and using iMovie.

In a recent assignment, students planned for and produced a news show for NAMS that will be shown to students during lunch in the cafeteria.  The news show included an introduction, a news segment, a sports feature, and a section on weather.

Throughout this process, students had to understand how to appropriately use various forms of media such as still pictures, video, music, and interviews to develop a quality newscast.

Another important skill that students are learning through the process of development of the news shows is that of critiquing.  Teaching students how to give feedback to their peers has been a focus that Holt has worked on the past two weeks.  “Helping students how to critique each other honestly and respectfully is important,” he said.  “They are having to understand the difference between their preferences and edits that are truly necessary.”

Holt is emphasizing the design aspect of each project by encouraging students to use outlines and effective planning in the design stage.  “Our goal for the end of the course is for students to plan and produce a quality documentary.”

“It is exciting to see our students using their new technology in a creative way,” said Jamey Wright, NAMS Principal.  “This class helps promote creativity and the arts, while using technology.”