Ali Sizemore, NAHS School Reporter


Hi, I’m Ali Sizemore, a senior here at NAHS, and a student in journalism. We have just finished one of the busiest weeks here at school-homecoming week. The week was filled with crazy costumes, parties, the parade, and ended with yet another exhilarating football game resulting in a desired win for our boys. They have all celebrated the win from Friday night along with the rest of the season so far, but now it’s time for division play, when practices get harder, games get tougher, and the wins decide the rest of the season. Aside from the football team, our volleyball team is wrapping up their season and will play their division tournament at Ripley October 12th. This is the second year we’ve had volleyball here at New Albany and it’s definitely been a success. We’re proud of all the athletic teams, but also incredibly proud of one particular student. Jamie Crow, a senior, was recently named a National Merit Scholar, one of the greatest honors a student can earn. Being a student at New Albany brings a reputation. Whether it’s in sports or academics, carrying the title of a student at New Albany High School comes with pride.