Jalon Bullock’s STEM Class pictured with Chad Williams, Hyperion Technology

New Albany High School kicked off its “Career Speakers of the Week” in January.  Each week NAHS will host a “Career Speaker of the Week” in the media center during lunch.  Each week speakers representing different careers will speak to students who are specifically interested in pursuing a career in that area.  During January, the focus was on “Careers in Physical Therapy” and “Careers in Engineering”.

Chase Wilkerson & Ivy Lauren Williams, Crossroads Rehab

On Wednesday, January 23, Chase Wilkerson and Ivy Lauren Williams from Crossroads Rehab spoke to students about careers as an athletic trainer and a physical therapist.  They talked to students about the differences in their careers, as well as the education, average pay, and the many settings in which they can work.

On Wednesday, January 30, Chad Williams who is an engineer with Hyperion Technology in Tupelo was the featured speaker.  Students learned about what types of classes they would take, what his job looks like on a daily basis, and the different types of engineering pathways.
Both Crossroads Rehab and Hyperion Technology are partners for our students who will be participating in summer internships during the Summer of 2019.