Pictured Above:  NAHS students talk with U. S. Army representatives during a lunch time visit.

The Counseling Department of New Albany High School (NAHS) works diligently each school year to provide students a wide variety of activities that will prepare them for college, future careers, and life after graduation.  Events throughout the school year include:  College & Career Night, Nontraditional Day, Welcome to the Real World Experience, career day luncheons, and lunch time visits from colleges and the armed forces.

Each fall NAHS hosts College & Career Night for students and their parents.  Approximately forty representatives from colleges, universities, armed forces, and local businesses/industries are available to help students gain information that will assist them in making informed career decisions.  College & Career Night is a cooperative effort by New Albany Schools, Union County Schools, and the Mississippi Association of College Registrars and Admissions Officers.

Nontraditional Day is planned for ninth grade students at NAHS each February.  These students are encouraged to visit one of eight technical and skill classes offered in the Career and Technical Department and explore nontraditional opportunities for students.  During Nontraditional Day the technical/skill instructor and his or her students provided a “How To Clinic” related to the program to allow the ninth grade students time to learn about the opportunities available to those who choose to prepare to work in a nontraditional setting.

The “Welcome to the Real World!” experience is provided by the Mississippi State University Extension Service and is provided to first and second year Career & Technical students.  The experience is an active, hands-on, real-life simulation designed to help young people learn about the financial obligations adults face on a daily basis.

This semester, NAHS along with the New Albany Parents Association (NAPA), are hosting brown bag lunches with area career and industry leaders.  Each month speakers representing different careers will speak to students who are specifically interested in pursuing a career in that area. Featured speakers have focused on careers in the fields of engineering, health sciences, nursing, and business.

Throughout the year students are given the opportunity to visit with representatives from colleges, universities, and the armed forces during their lunch period.  Each school year, approximately twenty lunch time visits are scheduled so that students can explore both education and military options following graduation.

“We are excited to provide our high school students with a vast array of opportunities and experiences regarding their future,” said April Hobson, NAHS Counselor.  “It is very important that we equip students with the tools and information they need to have in order to experience success in the future.”