Each month, a Student of the Month is chosen for each homeroom at New Albany Elementary School. This student is one who goes above and beyond classroom expectations. May Students of the Month are as follows:

Students chosen for grades K – 2nd (in no particular order above) are:

Jacob Petty, Shivam Patel, Mak Kitchens, Owen Rakestraw, Ryder Swords, Levi Weathers, Madalyn Howard, Matthew Zuniga, Jon Haven Mitchell, Madison Nichols, Ka’Braela Clay, Wes Ewing, Isai Yah, Zoey Anderson, Brayden Pace, Emerson Dewberry, Colton Reed, Bo Keener, Cade Carpenter, Keymariona Sanders, Kymberlee Dominguez, Lindsey Swords, Tori Pickens, Faith Stevens, Jaylan Buchanan, Lisandro Gonzalez, Parker Durrett, Aidan Guerrero, and Cade Smith

Students chosen for grades 3rd – 5th (in no particular order) are:

Sam Roten, Coen Foster, Ty’Dreke Bowen, Whit Whiteside, Karla Perez-Huerta, Josif Hilliard, Kaylee Hill, Braxton Shumpert, Jaden Osorio, John Walker Christ, Elana Crayton, Chlea Morton, Kid Bennett, Jesus Gonzalez, Kamren Foote, Jon Stewart, Jamie Shorter, Danica Baker, Avery Williams, Trinity Lee, Evelyn Urzua, Zion Woods, Michael Foster, and Connor Yarborough.