5th grade students use iPads to complete an assignment.

Teachers at New Albany Elementary School (NAES) have found unique ways to meet the needs of all learners and to enhance instruction with the use of technology.  NAES has two iPad carts, each containing 30 student iPads.

Tatum Nowlin, a fifth-grade teacher uses iPads to assist students with weekly testing.  Some of these students have reading deficiencies and need additional accommodations while testing.  The teacher uses a drop box feature to upload the test to the student iPad and she records her voice reading the test.  When the student begins the testing, they have the ability to read the test along with the teacher recorded voice reading it aloud.  “The iPads are wonderful because these students are able to work at their own pace while using headphones,” Nowlin said.  “The iPads allow the student the ability to pause and rewind to listen to test questions or passages if necessary.”

Fourth grade EXCEL students use iPads to complete independent research projects.

Amy Welborn, a gifted teacher, uses the iPads to increase students’ knowledge of technology while completing independent projects.  Students in the 3rd and 4th grade EXCEL gifted classes have used the iPads to do find information for their state research projects and to do other independent research.

Teachers throughout the school use the iPads for many lessons and activities in their classrooms.  From literary circles and Accelerated Reader testing to using apps for skill drills and reinforcement , teachers have found that this technology is an asset to their instruction and the students enjoy being able to use the iPads in class.

NAES also has 30 Neo boards that are used in the classrooms on a daily basis.  The Neo board is a small laptop computer, has a full size keyboard and a small screen that allows for six lines of text at a time.  Neo boards have many educational uses including individualized lessons for Accelerated Reading and skill drills for math.

“It is exciting to see all of the creative ways our teachers have used the iPads and Neo boards in their classrooms to enhance instruction and to meet the needs of all of our students,” said Windy Faulkner, Principal.  “It is important for our students to understand all of the educational opportunities that are available through technology.”