(Pictured L to R): Selena Swartzfager, president, MCEE; Virginia Kittrell, Middle School Economics Teacher of the Year; Alison Moore, High School Economics Teacher of the Year; Brad Davis, chair, MCEE.

New Albany School District teacher awarded for her skills in educating students on the importance of economic and financial literacy.

Mississippi Council on Economic Education (MCEE) is pleased to announce Alison Moore as our High School Economics Teacher of the Year for 2022, an honor given to teachers who go above and beyond in their daily efforts to educate students on the importance of economic and financial literacy.

Governor Tate Reeves previously declared October as Economic Education Month in Mississippi, reaffirming the state’s commitment to economic education and positioning economic education as a critical resource for equipping students with the skills and tools they need to be successful, productive citizens.

The Economics Teacher of the Year Award is just one more way MCEE ensures they’re doing their part, providing the Master Teacher of Economics, Master Teacher of Entrepreneurship, Master Teacher of Personal Finance and Master Teacher of College and Career Readiness programs at no cost to teachers or schools and collaborating with school boards, government officials, community leaders and business leaders to raise awareness and commit to a common goal of ensuring all Mississippians have access to the tools and resources they need to make sound economic and financial decisions.

“I am both humbled and honored to have received the Mississippi High School Economics Teacher of the Year award. Economics is a vital part of my curriculum, and I find great joy in helping my students discover how our economic system works,” said Moore, a business, marketing and finance teacher at New Albany School of Career and Technical Education.

“I love that a Career Tech teacher was awarded the Economics Teacher of the Year.  Students can receive their economics requirement in the business courses taught in career tech schools.  This proves that economics can be successfully taught this way.  Economics is the science of decision making and should be incorporated into all subject areas in our K-12 educational system.  The MCEE helps teachers in Mississippi prepare to do so and gives them the materials they need to be quality teachers of the material,” said MCEE president Selena Swartzfager.

“Alison is a Master Teacher of Economics (MTE), prepared by the MS Council on Economic Education.  Completing the MTE program, which we offer annually, is the best way a teacher can ensure they are teaching quality economics education and that they have quality resources.  She has also engaged her students in the Stock Market Game, which is a MCEE offered program.  Alison is a great role model for the other high school teachers in the state teaching economics,” Swartzfager added.

MCEE aims to improve the quality of economics, entrepreneurship and personal finance instruction for students in ways that are both academically sound and nonpartisan.

Moore received $500 and will receive an all-expenses-paid trip to the Council for Economic Education’s national teachers conference in Fort Lauderdale, FL in 2023.  This award is funded by support from State Farm Insurance.