Dear Seniors,

I hope you are doing well. As we draw closer to our 2020 Graduate Celebration on May 22nd, we have many things to get done in order for this to be a special night for all students and family members. On May 13th, we will have a day at the high school for seniors to come and take care of a few of these things. We will have office staff at the high school to assist seniors in taking care of the following tasks:

  1. Ipad Turn In
  2. Pay Fees
  3. Turn in Calculators
  4. Retrieve personal belongings from lockers
  5. Robing Ceremony Recording (for those of you who are participating in this, Mrs. King will be getting you more information)

We will be in front of the high school from 10 am – 5 pm on May 13th. Please enter the senior parking lot and follow directions as we will be practicing social distancing during the process. We will help up to eight seniors at a time; Please only get out of your car when directed. Each of these items will be taken care of under the front awning leading to the front doors of the high school. 

We are aware of the strange time we are living in, and closing out the school year is exactly that strange.  However, we feel like this process will help us take care of loose ends, as well as keep everyone safe.  The Class of 2020 has always been a special group of students.  Your senior year will definitely never be forgotten!  Our faculty and staff hope you have felt our love and appreciation through the last several weeks, and that you know how much we care for each of you.   Please remain positive as we prepare to make May 22, and the actual graduation ceremony in July wonderful experiences for you, our seniors. And remember….GO DAWGS!!



John Ferrell, NAHS Principal