Maggie Jo Everett

Maggie Jo Everett

This summer, Maggie Jo Everett, a rising junior at New Albany High School, joined outstanding high school students from across the globe to take part in a unique academic development experience, the National Youth Leadership Forum (NYLF):  Advanced Medicine, which took place on the campus of Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland.

NYLF Advanced Medicine is one of the Envision family of programs that enable students to explore their interests and experience learning beyond the classroom.

Everett was invited as an alumni to participate in this forum.  In addition to participating in student government and being a member of the National Honor Society, Maggie Jo plays varsity soccer and is an active member of the First United Methodist Church Youth Group.

With dreams of being an obstetric-gynecologist, Everett enjoyed gaining hands-on medical experience that the forum provided.

“NYLF Advanced Medicine is a great opportunity for high-achieving scholars to get outside the classroom and see, through hands-on interactive learning, how to innovate and think creatively,” said Andrew Potter, the Chief Academic Officer for Envision.  “These students, who have already proven themselves academically, are challenged to work on real-world, student-created projects to bring their studies and career interests to life.”

Since 1985, Envision programs have served more than 800,000 students in more than 145 countries, with programs designed to help students develop the leadership, scholarship and career skills needed to succeed in today’s competitive college and career landscape.