COVID-19 Updates

New Albany School District Announces Schedules

New Albany School District has announced their schedules for the next several weeks. This decision comes amid a rise in the number of positive cases and quarantined individuals among students and staff in our district.

Beginning Monday, December 14, ALL students in the New Albany School District will be transitioning to virtual learning. Virtual learning will continue for the remainder of the semester.  However, it is suggested if your family is able to begin virtual learning on Thursday, December 10 that you do so.  New Albany Middle School will follow the schedule that was released last week.  New Albany Elementary and New Albany High School will publicize their virtual learning schedule for the week of December 14 through the School Status messaging platform.

The Christmas holiday break for students is scheduled for Saturday, December 19, 2020 – Tuesday, January 5, 2021. During this time, school buildings will be closed and no virtual learning is scheduled.

Beginning Wednesday, January 6, 2021, the New Albany School District will utilize a hybrid schedule to transition back to the school setting.  This will be a schedule similar to the one that was used the first month of school during the Fall.  This schedule will be used from January 6 – January 22 and may be utilized for a longer period of time if needed. (This schedule will be published on December 15 via New Albany School District website, Twitter, and Facebook.)

Other Important Information:

State Testing:

New Albany High School students who still need to complete state testing should report to the school on the date and time as directed by New Albany High School.


Basketball, soccer, and bowling (in-season sports) will continue for the remainder of the 2020 year.  Coaches will be in contact with players about practice times and locations as well as game information. Students must have their own transportation to practices.  Students who are participating in out of season sports will not practice for the remainder of the 2020 year.

Paper Learning Packets

Students who do not have reliable Internet should contact the Virtual School Administrator at their individual schools for more information regarding paper learning packets.  These students will be held to the same expectations as students participating in virtual learning.

Academic Expectations

All students will be held to the same academic standards as they have been this semester.  Assignments, projects, and tests will be graded just as they are in traditional, in-person classes.

School Meals

School meals for New Albany School District will be served Monday-Friday from 11:00 am – 1:00 pm daily.  Pick-up will be at the Pavilion by the Middle School Cafeteria. Breakfast and lunch meals will be distributed at this time.  (This institution is an equal opportunity provider.)

NA 2020 Graduation

If you have questions or concerns regarding our Return to School Plan or our Covid 19 protocols/procedures, please complete this form.

    2021-2022 NASD Health Committee
    Return To School Plan

    Dr. Lance Evans
    Tammie Reeder, BSN, RN, NCSN
    Dr. Brad Scott
    Dr. Bob Barnett
    Dr. Jim Googe
    Stefenie Hodges, BSN, RN
    Crystal McBrayer, BSN, RN


    New Albany Middle School Transitioning to Virtual School

    New Albany Middle School will be transitioning to virtual learning on Monday, December 7.  Virtual learning will continue at New Albany Middle School for the remainder of the semester from December 7-December 18.

    This decision comes amid a rise in the number of students and staff who are currently quarantined at New Albany Middle School.  Other schools are being carefully and consistently monitored; however, New Albany Elementary School, New Albany High School, NAHS Career & Technical Center, and NASTUC Alternative School will remain in-person, traditional school at this time.

    New Albany Middle School will begin the following virtual schedule on Monday, December 7.

    • 1st Period 7:40-8:10 am 30 min
    • 2nd Period 8:15-8:45 am 30 min
    • Break 8:50-9:05 am 15 min
    • 3rd Period 9:05-9:35 am 30 min
    • 4th Period 9:40-10:10 am 30 min
    • 5th Period 10:15-10:45 am 30 min
    • 6th Period 10:50-11:20 am 30 min
    • Lunch 11:20 am-12:05 pm 45 min
    • 7th Period 12:10-12:40 pm 30 min
    • 8th Period 12:45-1:15 pm 30 min
    • Office Hours & Remediation 1:15-3:00 pm

    Other Important Information:

    Students who wish to begin virtual tomorrow (Friday, December 4) may do so and will be counted present if they log on their classes via Zoom.  However, Friday, December 4 will be a traditional schedule from 7:40 am – 3:05 pm.

    NAMS Sports:

    NAMS Basketball (in-season sport) will continue.  Players should contact their coach for practice times and locations, as well as game information.

    NAMS students who participate in soccer (in-season sport) should contact their coach for practice times and game information.  NAMS students must have their own transportation to practices.

    NAMS students who are participating in out of season sports will not practice during these two weeks.

    Exams, Academic Expectations, & Paper Learning Packets

    Semester exams will be administered virtually during the week of December 14.

    Students who do not have reliable Internet should contact Anna Sloan at NAMS at 662-534-1820 for more information regarding paper learning packets.  These students will be held to the same expectations as students participating in virtual learning.

    All students will be held to the same academic standards as they have been this semester.  Assignments, projects, and tests will be graded just as they are in traditional, in-person classes.  NAMS has the same expectations for learning during this two-weeks.

    School Meals & School Transportation

    School meals for NAMS will be served Monday-Friday from 11:00 am – 12:30 pm daily.  Pick-up will be at the Pavilion by the Middle School Cafeteria. Breakfast and lunch meals will be distributed at this time.

    Bus pick-up and drop-off times may be altered for elementary and high school students during these two weeks due the reduced number of student passengers.

    Return to School – What to Know!

    July 30, 2020
    School is about to begin for the 2020-2021 academic year and within the New Albany School District, we have been working throughout the summer to get ready. Even during this unprecedented time, our goal remains to ensure the best possible safety and health of our students and staff while continuing to provide quality academic monitoring and instruction. We believe that communication between the school and parents/guardians is crucial, especially in these uncertain times. We have put into place many new procedures for every aspect of your student’s school experience to ascertain that we are doing everything possible to educate them while at the same time, keeping them safe. Listed is some general information that you should know while planning for your child’s return to school. Each individual school also has specific information for their students.

    • Backpacks – elementary students will keep backpacks with them in the same classroom all day while middle and high school students will take backpacks from class to class hanging them on the back of their chairs.

    • Students will not be sharing supplies such as pencils, markers, crayons, etc. Personal supply boxes or ziplock bags may be used to keep items together labeled with the student’s name.

    • Lunchboxes – Students may bring lunchboxes to school and will keep them with backpacks.

    • Students will have a choice of two entrees for lunch. Each will go through the cafeteria to choose and be given a covered plate with lunch choices and drink. All students will eat in the classroom. Lunch trash will be removed from classrooms promptly.

    • Students who plan to eat breakfast at school should arrive in time to eat before class begins. Students will pick up breakfast at designated areas (not just the cafeteria) in each school on the way to the classroom. Students will eat and trash will be removed promptly from classrooms.

    • Snack juice and milk will continue to be available for purchase at the elementary school.

    • Money – cash, coins, or checks sent to school with elementary and middle school students should be in a ziplock bag (preferred) or an envelope with the child’s name and what the money is for written on the bag/envelope.

    • Regular water drinking fountains will not be in use during this time. Students should bring a filled water bottle each day to school. Water refilling will be available. Please choose water bottles that are not filled at an opening that is the same opening from which you drink. For example, we will not allow refilling of  disposable water bottles and those like these because there is only one opening from which to drink and refill. This causes a transfer of respiratory droplets which is what we must avoid to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

    • Forgotten items will not be allowed to be dropped off at school during the day. Arrangements will be made to assist the student to the best of our ability for whatever item was forgotten.

    • The NASD will furnish one NA Bulldog neck gaiter for each student. These will be sent home with students the first day they attend class. Please hand wash gaiters with mild detergent and hang to dry each night before wearing it back to school the next day. We feel that these are the best option for students because they are worn loosely around the neck and then pulled up over the nose and mouth when needed. Not removing the neck gaiters during the day will help to avoid the spread of germs among students.

    • Cleaning supplies and hand sanitizer will be furnished by the school district.

    • Please make sure the school always has current contact information on file for your student. Inability to contact parents/guardians of students regarding important information such as illness or school changes makes for very difficult situations.

    • All employees and students will have temperature taken with an infrared no-touch thermometer upon arrival at school each day and student temperatures will be rechecked after lunch. Elevated infrared temperatures will be rechecked in the nurse’s office with a hospital type oral thermometer.

    • Students complaining of illness or exhibiting symptoms of illness during the school day will be sent to the nurse’s office for evaluation. New Albany Schools employs a registered nurse for each main school building.

    • Please be very familiar with the symptoms of COVID-19. A current list can be found on our school website at Click on COVID-19 UPDATES.  Parents should not send students to school who are exhibiting any signs of illness.

    • Parents should notify their child’s school before 10:00 a.m. if a student will be absent on that school day. NAES 534-1840, NAMS 534-1820, NAHS 534-1805

    • If your child or someone in your home is diagnosed with COVID-19, please notify your child’s school nurse by calling the school. Students testing positive for COVID-19 should have a note from a health care provider confirming a positive case and approximate date he/she may return to school faxed directly to Tammie Reeder at 662-534-1886.

    • For current information regarding school news, search us on Facebook and follow us on twitter

    @naschoolupdates    @NAelementaryMS    @NAMSupdates   @HailMaroon

    • No visitors will be allowed into the school buildings. The phone number to the school is posted on the door. Please call and let the office know what you need such as checking out your child. We will take care of bringing your child to the door. You will need a photo ID so that office staff may safely sign your child out to you. Reminder that no items can be dropped off at schools during the school day.

    Please be patient as we all work together as a team to serve the great staff and students of the New Albany School District.

    New Albany School District Uniform Grading Procedure for Virtual School

    Beginning immediately, we will implement a uniform grading procedure for our virtual school. Each student will have a baseline grade for each class they are taking:

    • For most high school students, this will be their 3rd nine weeks average.
    • For K-8 students, as well as high school students in year-long courses, the baseline will be their cumulative average as of the 3rd 9 Weeks.

    Please note that if a student has a failing baseline grade, it is imperative for that student to take advantage of these opportunities, to participate fully in virtual school, and to complete all assignments or risk being retained.

    Classroom content is being provided by teachers to continue the educational process for all of our students and to prepare them for classes they will take in the future.  Work completed by students will only be recorded if it is above their baseline grade.  Completed work during virtual school will only help a student’s grade.  Any work below the baseline score will not be recorded; however, the students can work with the teacher to improve that grade if they wish.  Any work not attempted will be recorded in the grade book as NGR (No Grade Recorded). This will allow parents the opportunity to see which assignments their student has not completed.  Please use STI to access your student’s grades.  If you don’t remember your STI password please call your child’s school between the hours 9:00 am – 1:00 pm to have your password reset.  Please contact your teachers or the school if you do not have internet access, and we will provide you with a class packet in order for assignments to be completed.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call your school office on weekdays between 9:00 am – 1:00 pm.

    Once again, our goal is to continue learning for all our students during this time of uncertainty and to provide them outstanding learning opportunities to further their education. Thank you for your continued support of the New Albany School District and Go Dawgs!

    Dr. Lance Evans, Superintendent
    John Ferrell, Principal – New Albany High School
    Paul Henry, Principal – New Albany Middle School
    Gwyn Russell, Principal – New Albany Elementary School

    April 2 – Grab and Go Meals

    Please see the following information regarding the change in Grab & Go Meals pick-up beginning next week (Week of April 6, 2020).

    The New Albany School District will continue to provide Grab & Go Meals as long as we possibly can do so safely. Beginning Monday, April 6, the pick-up schedule will be reduced to two days per week to eliminate face-to-face contact.

    The weekly pick-up schedule will be as follows:

    • Each Monday – Receive meals for two days (Monday & Tuesday)
    • Each Wednesday – Receive meals for remainder of week (Wednesday-Sunday)

    Pick-up times and location will be 8:30-10:30 a.m. at New Albany Middle School Cafeteria on Monday & Wednesday each week.

    Mississippi Department of Education Compiles Learning-at-Home Resources

    The Mississippi Department of Education (MDE) has compiled a host of learning-at-home resources for students in pre-K through grade 12 to support student learning during the extended school closure. The resources are available online at

    The learning-at-home resources do not replace what children have learned at school, but instead help students practice the skills and strategies taught by their teachers. The resources are intended to help parents and caregivers engage students in continued education.

    Resources include learning activities, example videos and digital resources that support the Mississippi College-and Career-Readiness Standards to continue and reinforce children’s education.

    MDE content specialists have selected all resources, which include dedicated webpages for students in pre-K-grade 1, grades 2-3, grades 4-5, grades 6-8 and grades 9-12. Also, resources for students with visual or hearing impairments are available and guidance on social emotional learning.

    During this unusual time of extended school closures nationwide, it is important that students continue to read, write, and engage in social studies, science and math activities.

    The MDE learning-at-home webpages will be updated periodically with additional resources.

    Governor Tate Reeves has canceled all in-person school until April 17th. The Mississippi Department of Education made it clear that school buildings are to be closed but the educational process of students shall continue. The New Albany School District will be conducting virtual school until we return to in-person school. Students have been participating in classes all week and will continue to do so. We are very excited to continue to provide our stakeholders with quality online instruction.

    We will begin to provide daily updates regarding our school situation and the national pandemic emergency.  These updates will be emailed to our district staff and posted to our district’s Facebook & Twitter, as well as our school district website.

    All official updates from the school district are now posted to our website.  Go to to view these archived messages and to receive new information as it becomes available.

    I would like to extend a huge “THANK YOU” to our administrators, leadership team, and teachers.  As we have embarked on making virtual school available to our students, these people have worked hard to do what’s right for our students and ensure that student learning continues.

    Yesterday, I met with pastors from churches in our city to develop a plan regarding feeding our students.  Beginning Monday, March 23, “Grab & Go” meals will be available at New Albany Middle School Cafeteria each weekday from 8:30-10:30 a.m.  The “Grab & Go” option is available to all children and the meals will include breakfast and lunch.  Our churches have agreed to partner with us each Friday to make available weekend food bags so our children will have meals over the weekend. Thank you to our churches.  It is wonderful to live in a community where the partnerships are so evident between schools and churches.

    Our district has a 1:1 iPad initiative in place; however, our students at the elementary school do not carry them home daily.   We are currently working on a plan for the elementary school students who need a device.  This would include students who do not have any access to a smartphone, iPad, or computer in their home.

    Our school offices are staffed daily from 9 am – 1 pm to answer the phones.  During this time, school staff can answer questions that parents and students may have.  Please only use phone calls during these hours rather than face-to face visits.  We want to stay in accordance with CDE and state recommendations to adhere to the idea of social distancing.

    Parents, please encourage your students to stay involved with our virtual school and online learning activities.  This gives them the opportunity to continue their education and to stay in contact with their teachers and peers.

    Our leadership team is continuing to develop ideas how to best serve our students, their families, and our community during this trying time.  Stay tuned for our daily updates.  Stay safe and healthy.  Use good handwashing techniques.  Practice social distancing.

    March 16, 2020 – Media reports have continued to increase about the Coronavirus (COVID-19) in recent days.  The New Albany School District (NASD) has been very diligent in following the recommendations and guidelines of both the Centers for Disease Control and the Mississippi Department of Education.

    School administrators, nurses, and custodians have continually met to implement plans to ensure that staff and students are kept as well as possible by increased cleaning efforts and educational awareness. 

    “Our custodians have been instructed to clean with virucidal disinfectant cleaner and to also use an industrial grade disinfectant to spray surfaces such as doors, door handles, and areas that are frequently touched at least twice during the school day.  Teachers have been advised to clean their classrooms and work spaces with disinfectant wipes. Cleaning supplies and hand sanitizers are being furnished to teachers by the school district if needed and are available through the nurse’s office on each campus,” explained Dr. Lance Evans, Superintendent.

    “We have asked our teachers to remind our students regarding effective illness prevention practices and would appreciate these practices being reinforced at home to keep our students healthy,” said Tammie Reeder, BSN, RN, NCSN Health Services Coordinator for New Albany Schools.  These practices include: 

    • coughing into the elbow
    • using tissues and disposing of them properly
    • washing hands with soap and water often for at least 20 seconds or using hand sanitizer if soap and water are not available
    • avoid touching eyes, nose, and mouth
    • avoid sharing personal items with others
    • avoid eating or drinking after others
    • stay home when sick

    Please visit this link for facts from the CDC. This resource is full of many interesting things regarding COVID-19, including its origin and symptoms.

    Click here for more information from the CDC

    March 16 – Administrators and central office staff in the New Albany School District (NASD) have been meeting daily since Friday, March 13 to develop a plan that is in the best interest of our students’ health, safety, and educational progress.

    Our administrative team and our school board want to ensure that the health and safety of our students and staff remain a top priority during this time. At this time, the decision has been made to extend the school closure by one additional week.  Schools will be closed to students and staff from March 16 through March 27.  Per the direction of the Mississippi High School Activities Association all sporting events and sporting practices are suspended through March 29.  All other school sponsored events and activities are also cancelled through March 29.  

    Dr. Lance Evans, Superintendent of New Albany Schools, addressed the employees of the New Albany School District in a formal letter that was issued through district email on Monday morning (March 16).

    Evans stated, “The past few days have certainly been history in the making for our nation.  These are unprecedented times for our school district, our state, and our nation.  We have always been known for being a leader in education in our region.  We are certainly known as a staff and a school district that takes care of our students and each other.  Because of the innovation and our available technology, our administrative team has made the decision to embark on utilizing virtual education during these times of uncertainty.  I am personally asking us all to come together to do what’s best for our students and show our community the strength and resilience of Bulldog Nation.”

    New Albany School District will be delivering instruction through our 1:1 iPad initiative.  The school district will utilize multiple platforms to deliver content in all grades K-12.  These platforms include:  Google Meet, Canvas, Explain Everything, School Status, Mastery Connect, & Group Me.  

    Administrators have been instructed to conduct virtual faculty and staff meetings on Monday, March 16 or Tuesday, March 17, to provide all details needed to successfully continue the educational progress of our students.  All teachers will provide virtual instruction for students on a daily basis.  As a part of that time, each teacher will keep virtual office hours at least one hour per day each week day. Office hours will be established between the principals and teachers in an effort to prevent time conflicts for students.

    “While we realize all students will not be able to take advantage of this opportunity, we have asked all of our teachers that quality instruction be available for all,” Evans explained.  “I urge parents to assist us with the unique opportunity we have in our district because of our technology.  If you have reliable Internet, please encourage your students to use their school devices or other devices to complete school assignments and participate in online school learning opportunities.”

    Online instruction will begin on Thursday, March 19.  Instructional content will be available online for student access online by 8 pm on Wednesday, March 18.  In addition, online office hours will begin on Thursday, March 19.  Content will be review and remediation.  Graded work may improve a student’s average, but will not negatively affect a student’s grade.

    The administrative staff at NASD is continuously monitoring the situation and seeking guidance from the local medical community, the Mississippi Department of Education, the Mississippi Department of Health, and the Mississippi Legislature. 

    Evans ended his letter to the faculty and staff by saying, “Please understand that this is a fluid situation and is continuously being monitored.  We appreciate your understanding and support at this time.  During these uncertain times we want to be remembered as those who did all we could for the success of all students and for our school district.  I appreciate what you do as we work together to Prepare ALL for Success.”

    March 13, 2020 – Administrators and leaders from the New Albany School District have been meeting throughout the day (March 13, 2020) to determine the best course of action for our students and staff members. Our school board and administrative team are committed to making safety and health a top priority for our students. This afternoon, President Donald Trump issued a national emergency for our country. After learning of this information, the decision has been made to close school for students and staff during the week of March 16-20. In addition, all school events, athletic events, and athletic practices have been suspended until at least March 23. Next week, the administrative team will continue to meet and work to make informed decisions regarding our students, their education, and their health and safety. We plan to provide an official update on Tuesday, March 17. Please follow New Albany School District on Facebook and Twitter for important announcements.

    March 12, 2020 – We are currently monitoring the situation regarding the COVID-19 virus. Our administrative team and our school board want to ensure that the health and safety of our students and staff remain a top priority during this time. Using guidance from the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention, we have had a plan in place for several weeks regarding cleaning and disinfecting, as well as educational awareness. We will consistently seek guidance from and follow the direction of the Mississippi Department of Education, the Mississippi High School Activities Association, and the Mississippi Department of Health. In addition, we will be in close contact with our local medical community for advisement. We will continue to make updates and post any important announcements on our social media outlets throughout the weekend.