Students in Mrs. Hefner’s 6th Grade Learning Strategies class at New Albany Middle School recently competed in teams to escape the Mathematics Escape Room! A portion of this 6th Grade course is to offer support for the math department. Mrs. Hefner discussed with math teachers what topics and curriculum standards the students needed remediation and support. Once she had this information, she created a digital escape room for students to work through. In order to “escape”, students had to unlock seven “rooms” by simplifying expressions with variables using the distributive property or by solving equations. Just as in a real escape room, students were timed and were provided hints when they had made multiple attempts and were still stuck in a room. Every student, those who love math and those who do not favor it, were all actively engaged and participating in solving the problems so that their group could be the first to “escape”! Each period had a winning team who was able to escape first, as well as an overall winning team out of all 6 periods.
Winners (photographed L-R):
1st Period (time: 32:34.81) – Alex Ferrell, Hunter Henson, Damaurious Brudnicki, Everett Garrett, Travell Bowen
2nd Period (time: 27:06.91) – (back) Ella Porter, Ryleigh Pickens, G’Kyria Simpson, Bailie White (front) Desrae Finley
3rd Period (time: 26:45.46) – Kimberly Holston, Ashley Flores, Natalya Gordon, Victoria Rutherford, Katie Freeman
5th Period (time: 24:40.91) – LeAshia Williams, Afrah Fadhel, Onaabella Aguero
6th Period (time: 18:46.56) – OVERALL WINNERS! Chandler Blissett, Jackson Waldon, Cade Childs, Nicholas Little
7th Period (time: 19:46.86) – Zion Woods, Lilly Shannon, Elizabeth Moore, Yasmine Billings