New Albany High School Art Show Winners

The annual New Albany High School Art Show was held Monday, April 9 at the Union County Heritage Museum.  The following winners were announced:

Art I Mixed Media Self Portraits:

Honorable Mention-Myranda Cobb

Honorable Mention-Joseph Fennell

3rd Place-Caitlyn Osgood

2nd Place-Christiana Rowan

1st Place-Annae Scales

African Sticks:

Honorable Mention-Jovany Guerrero

Honorable Mention-Shannon Boyd

3rd Place-Adan Galvan

2nd Place-Cecelia Pullman

1st Place-Anna Walls

Art II, III, & IV Mixed Media Portraits:

Honorable Mention-Vivian Vainisi

Honorable Mention-Aaron Scales

3rd Place-Gabby Porter

2nd Place-Anna Trexler

1st Place-Cecelia Pullman

Art II, III, & IV Oil Pastel Portraits:

Honorable Mention-Jacqueline Ramirez

3rd Place-Cecelia Pullman

2nd Place-Aaron Scales

1st Place-Vivian Vainisi

African Jewelry:

Honorable Mention-Carey Beth Doyle

3rd Place-Hailey Hogue

2nd Place-Carly Hill

1st Place-Megan Whiteside

Acrylic Skull Study:

Honorable Mention-Alana Graham

3rd Place-Gabby Porter

2nd Place-Vivian Vainisi

1st Place-Kaitlin Denham

Theatrical Costuming:

Honorable Mention-Alena Graham, Munchkin hat

3rd Place-Madison Graham, Kalida costume

2nd Place-Anna Trexler, masks

1st Place-Cecelia Pullman, Scarecrow wig

Museum Purchase Awards:

Aaron Scales-Study of a Skull

Vivian Vainisi-Theatrical Prom, Green Camera

Best of Show:

Kaitlin Denham, Kalida costume from The Wiz