NA Recycles Visits NAES First Grade

First grade students at New Albany Elementary School (NAES) have been participating in a unit of study that focuses on taking care of our Earth.  As a culminating event, students learned more about recycling.

Community volunteer Amy Livingston, representing NA Recycles, visited first grade classes on May 1.

First grade teachers, Livingston, NAES Counselor April Hobson, and NAES School Resource Officer P.J. Doyle worked together to plan the event.

Livingston, Doyle, and Hobson performed a skit to show students how to reduce, reuse, and recycle.  Doyle played the part of “Michael Recycle”.

During the presentation, students learned the chant:  “Recycle, Recycle do it now.  Recycle, Recycle you know how.  Recycle, Recycle we yell ‘wow’”.   Students also sorted objects to recycle and decided if an item could be reused.

“The collaboration among our school, the city, and New Albany Recycles has taught our students the importance of recycling and allowed us to incorporate recycling as a daily part of life at NAES!,”  Counselor April Hobson said about this year’s focus on recycling at NAES.

Livingston added, “In order to be better stewards of the environment, I believe education is the key and we need to start young!”