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The Board of Trustees (School Board) is the governing body for the New Albany School District. Duties of the Board include making and interpreting policy, hiring/termination of staff, purchasing and approving of the district’s debts, and serving as needed in due process issues. Persons desiring to meet with the Board should present a request in writing to the Office of the Superintendent at least three (3) work days prior to the next regularly scheduled Board meeting. Persons approved to meet with the Board will be placed on the agenda.

NAPRIDE is providing a high quality education in a safe, healthy environment and developing life-long learners who become productive members of a global society.

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New Albany Schools Board of Trustees
David Rainey
Jill Shaw
Barbara Washington
Brad Clayton
Sam Creekmore

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1. Provide a safe, orderly, and clean environment

  • Emphasize character education and personal responsibility throughout the curriculum
  • Maintain a SRO at each school and at appropriate activities
  • Provide custodians with appropriate training
  • Explore the contracting of janitorial supplies and services
  • Collaborate and maintain partnerships with local authorities
  • Maintain a consistent and fair discipline policy and regularly assess its application
  • Maintain and upgrade safety equipment

2. Provide effective shared leadership

  • Ensure input from stakeholders at each level of decision making
  • Seek teacher input on staff development topics and scheduling
  • Implement a school and district annual “Plan for Improvement”
  • Strive to achieve and maintain district reputation of the highest quality

3. Increase student achievement throughout the system

  • Achieve and maintain the highest level of accountability
  • Provide an instructional environment conducive to high expectations
  • Monitor student progress and time on task
  • Improve vertical curriculum alignment and expectations
  • Obtain the highest quality instructional materials including textbooks as are necessary in grades 6-12

4. Attract, develop and retain the most highly qualified personnel

  • Continue to actively recruit highly qualified minorities
  • Strengthen induction and mentoring programs to ensure new teachers and leaders are trained and supported for success
  • Strive to increase local supplements and incentives on a more frequent basis to better compete with surrounding districts

5. Plan for facility needs and sound financial stability

  • Prioritize major fiscal needs and requirements
  • Develop both a short and long-term facility plan with timelines for implementation
  • Assess and prioritize facility needs including climate control issues

6. Provide effective technology/internet services

  • Develop a three year priority plan for the upgrading of technology
  • Obtain input from appropriate school personnel to prioritize needs
  • Adopt consistent delivery platforms district wide (i.e. canvas, blackboard, google, etc.)
  • Employ additional quality technology support personnel

7. Foster improved communications and parental involvement

  • More effectively seek to communicate school/district programs and services to all stakeholders
  • Strive to provide multiple opportunities for community input

8. Develop skills which produce responsible and productive citizens in a global society

  • Emphasize honesty, dependability, loyalty, and integrity across the curriculum
  • Strengthen strategic partnerships with community, civic, business and faith-based organizations that have demonstrated positive impacts on student outcomes

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